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Le spécialiste des machines à bois neuves et d'occasionWEINIG Moulder POWERMAT 2400
Used Weinig Moulder | Second-hand
With Automatic WEINIG HighMech Systems E1
Year of manufacture: 2013
Working width: 230 mm
Planing height: 160 mm
Number of spindles: 12
Spindle configuration: b-t-r-l-r-l-t-b-t-b+2
Table rollers: driven
Feedrate max m/min: 36
Type of feed roller drive: Cardanic
Machine control: POWERCOM PLUS
MarathonCoating: Yes
Bottom spindles: 3 | Right spindles: 3
Spindles left: 3 | Spindles top: 3

Spindle rotation speed max 1/min: 6000
Spindle diameter mm: 50
Main motor power kW: 22
Vertical cleaving spindle: Yes
Jointing technology: Yes | Hydraulic chuck: Yes
Seperate motor per spindle: Yes
Surface of the machine table hard-coated
Lubrication pump: automatically
Pneumatic top pressure: Yes
Continuously variable feed: Yes
Feed motor kW: 11
Infeed automatically: Yes | CE-mark: Yes
Operating status: dismantled/ stored



Weinig Moulder
1st spindle bottom 15,0 kW | 2nd spindle top 18,5 kW
3rd spindle righthand 15,0 kW | 4th spindle lefthand 15,0 kW
5th spindle righthand 11,0 kW | 6th spindle lefthand 11,0 kW
7th spindle top 15,0 kW | 8th spindle bottom 15,0 kW
9th spindle top 11,0 kW | 10th spinlde bottom 11,0 kW
11th saw spinlde righthand 22,0 kW, 4.000 – 8.000 t/min
12th saw spinlde lefthand 22,0 kW, 4.000 – 8.000 t/min


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